Lopez offers one of the most awesome and exciting extensive tequila selections in the region. Our bar crew will serve you creative margaritas, mojitos, classic and contemporary cocktails, craft beers, 5 on draft and a wine list made to pair with our spicy cuisine. Plus one of the best Happy Hours in the town. 




4PM – 7PM


FOOD 5 bucks!

guacamole – lopez traditional (v)(g)

goat cheese fundido – oozy, melty, chorizo, pico, flour chips

white bean ‘suave’ – like mexican hummus, flour chips (v)

casa salad –black beans, cukes + cilantro lime vin  (v)(g)

charred caesar – manchego, anchovy fritter, caper vin  (g)

crunchy tofu – ancho tempura, red chile glaze, carrot ginger cumin jus (v)

southwest poutine – dynamite dusted fries, fresh mozz, hatch gravy

carnitas taco – black beans, red pepper chile, queso fresco

crispy green beans – ancho tempura, chipotle soy (v)

calamari –sweet & spicy, carrot thread, peppers, scallion 

shrimp ‘n’ grits – corn, chiles & smoked gouda, peppers (g)


LIBATIONS 5 bucks!

all beer pints on tap

house red, white or bubbles by the glass

house white or red sangria

featured traditional margarita

lopez passionfruit margarita

silver tequila, lime & passionfruit

tito’s bloody mary

house bloody, roasted garlic, cumin

the ‘breafess’ shot

silver tequila, blood orange juice, agave nectar








rimmed sweet or salty or ‘seve’ style…up with a spicy rim 

                        glass         large     pitcher

lopez traditional         8              10           38

lopez golden              9              12           45

lopez skinny                8              10           38

lopez flavors               9              12           45

jalapeno •  cactus •  pear  • pomegranate • white peach

pineapple • strawberry • cucumber

mango• blood orange


tequila lopez big shots small margarita +2 bucks, large + 4 bucks

pitchers are 4.5 times the price of a small


cabo wabo10      deleon platinum 13

herradura 14        espolon 10

cazadores 10       don julio 16

corzo 13                milagro10

suavecito 15         riazul plata 17

milagro sb 23        tres generaciones 12

patron 17              avion 15

1800 10                  el mayor 10

corralejo 10          cabeza 12

campeon 25        casamigos 17

clase azul 28



avion 16                    don julio 18

corralejo 11               suavecito 15

1800 10                      espolon 10

tres agaves 10          milagro 10

maestro dobel 17    cazadores 10

cabo wabo 13         omeca altos 12

herradura 14             patron 18

el mayor 11               casamigos 19

clase azul 36



espolon 12                 suavecito 17

don julio 19                tres agaves 12

el mayor 13                tres generaciones 12

cazadores 11             herradura 16

avion 18                      cabo 13

1800 12                        don julio 1942 44

casamigos 21


mojitos 8.5 glass/36 pitcher traditional or feature


sangria red or white glass 8.5/36 pitcher


mezcal lopez big shots

available as a flight

1 ounce pours 35

del maguey vida 11     los amantes joven 22

wahaka joven espadin 14    vago elote 20


flights 4 1 oz pours

lopez flight  25 cazadores silver, espolon repo, maestro dobel diamante, suavecito anejo

avion flight  28 silver, reposado, anejo, house infused espresso

bourbon flight 22 bulliet, knob creek eagle rare, ridgemont 1792

espolon flight  28 silver, reposado, anejo, anejo X




bottles & cans

five vulture ancho dark ale 5     negra modelo 4

pacifico 4                                     five lizard latin style witbier 4

tecate 4                                        corona/corona light 4

amstel light 4                                dos equis lager 4

dogfish 90 minute ipa 7               buckler n/a 5

kentucky bourbon ale 7              


draft pint/22 oz.

dos equis amber 7/9

modelo especial 7/9

wyder’s reposado pear cider 8/10

stone delicious ipa  7/9

beer of the month 7/9

all draft are available togo by the growler


bubbles glass/bottle

nv gruet, brut rose, new mexico 12/36

nv dibon, brut reserve cava, spain 8/24

whites glass/bottle

’15 william hill chardonnay, california 9/27

’15 elizabeth rose chardonnay, napa 12.5/38

’16 totara sb, new zealand 10/30

’16 weinkelter riesling, germany 9/27

’15 charles & charles riesling, washington 9/27

’15 laurenz v. gruner veltliner, austria 11/33

’16 di lenardo pinot grigio, italy 9/27

’16 el coto rosado rose, spain 8/24

reds glass/bottle

’15 auspicion cab, california 9.5/28.5

nv gabrielle vertex no 618, california 14/42

nv the riddler red, napa 12.5/38

’14 dharma bodega calle, argentina 11/33

’14 rietos tempranillo, spain 10/30

’15 cinco garnachas, garnacha, spain 10/30

’14 etude lyric pinot noir, santa barbara 12/36

’14 nicolas merlot, france 8/24


house cocktails

grapefruit smash 11

silver tequila, citronge, agave nectar,

half a crushed ruby red grapefruit

‘hi - end’ rum-n-coke 13

pyrat xo reserve rum, lime,

a bottle of mexican coke

tequila chocolate old fashioned 13

el mayor anejo, aztec chocolate bitters

luxardo liqueur, orange, cherry, agave

orange peel cinnamon margarita 12/15

house infused corzo silver, oj,

orange liqueur,  lime

pama whiskey sour 11

bulleit bourbon, pomegranate liquer,

simple syrup

bolivian burro – 12

singani 63, ginger beer, lime,

mint, pamplemousse grapefruit

fresh cranberry mojito – 11

light rum, mint, soda, simple

bloody maria – 9

silver tequila, house bloody, seve rim

baja martini – 11

coconut rum, vanilla vodka, pineapple,

coconut, agave nectar, cinnamon

wake n bake – 11

vanilla vodka, espresso, tia maria,

liquor 43, cream, coke

fernet con cola – 11

big shot of fernet, bottle of mexican coke

ginger snap  – 11

bourbon, ginger-agave simple, pear

boozy hot cocoa – 10

kahlua, godiva blanco, whipped cream,

amarena cherry syrup, espresso tequila

vanilla peartini – 12

ketel one, pear puree, vanilla simple

reposado barreled pear cider

daniel boone –  11

bourbon, house bloody, brisket garnish

smoked brisket broth, seve rim

gin blossom – 10

boodles, lemon, apple, simple, st germain

micheleda – 8

pint of modelo draft, sangrita, seve rim

apple cider mojito–  11

fresh apple, local cider, la parruche, mint



buffalo trace

angels envy

eagle rare

basil haydens



woodford reserve

makers mark

makers 46 & cask strength

knob creek

1792 ridgemont reserve

jack daniel’s single barrel

santa fe spirits colkegan

russel’s 10 reserve


knob creek


russel’s single barrel




dalwhinnie 15 year

the macallan 12 year

glenlivet 12 year

chivals regal 12 year

johnny walker red

johnny walker black 12 year

arberlour 12 year


patron xo     house infused espresso avion

licor 43          tia maria

kahlua           b & b

chambord    baileys

frangelico     godiva dark

godiva white


n/a, coffee, tea, etc...

decaf available, but why?

lopez lemonade 3

+blood orange or strawberry 1

virgin margaritas/mojitos 5.5

house roast 3

mexican 3

espresso 2.25

cappuccino 3.5

latte 3.5

assorted herbals & green 4

iced tea 3

iced mexican coffee 3.5

assorted jarritos 3

pop! 2

voss still 3  topo chico sparkling water 3

house made mexican hot cocoa   5



booze is fun, and we love you

so please drink responsibly,

we can uber for you as well

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