LOPEZ SOUTHWEST strives to use the best local available ingredients, the finest imports, hand picked produce, meats and seafood,

and intense creativity when creating menu items.

Our culinary team comes together to create fun,

bold and vibrant dishes defining the LOPEZ SOUTHWEST TASTE.

Plenty of spice and heat, plenty of freshness and fun,

and plenty of choices for every diner.

LOPEZ SOUTHWEST can also accomodate all dietary restrictions from gluten free

and vegan dining to the stuff you make up on your own...just kidding.

We are available for private dining, have a community table,

delivery and take-out 



Chef/Owner Michael (mojo) Herschman




Lopez Guacs served with vegetable escabeche


Add 2 bucks ...

CHILLED LOBSTER sweet cucumber, radish

BLT mesquite bacon, smoked tomato, arugula

FIRECRACKER corn, habanero, scallion

BAJA mango, roasted peppers, lime

ROJO VERDE chipotle, tomatillo, manchego

GUAC SAMPLER – pick four! 16 bucks (g)


Let’s Begin...

crispy green beans  ancho battered, chipotle soy 9 (v)

crunchy tofu ancho tempura, red chile glaze, carrot ginger cumin jus 9 (v)

white bean suave  jalapeno & lemon, like ‘mexican hummus’, pico, warm flour chips 8.5 (v)

southwest poutine  dynamite dusted fries, fresh mozz, rosemary hatch gravy, fried egg 10

goat cheese fundido  oozy, spicy, melty, house chorizo, pico, warm flour chips 11

ancho tempura shrimp scotch bonnet peanut sauce, radish salad 11

shrimp n grits  corn, sofrito, peppers, smoked gouda jalapeno grits 13 (g)

sweet & spicy calamari carrot threads, peppers, scallion 12


A Few Salads

charred caesar grilled romaine heart, manchego, crunchy anchovy fritter, caper vin 9.5 (g)

casa local lettuces, palm hearts, black beans, radish, cucumbers, cilantro lime vin 7.5 (v) (g)

watermelon beer belly, roasted garlic, pickled jalapeno & mint 11(v) (g)

southwest cobb spicy grilled skirt steak, guac, smoked peppers, corn, bleu cheese, chipotle 1000 19.5 (g)

add grilled shrimp, portobellos, chicken or skirt $


Tacos ... btw, THESE ARE BIG TACOS

spicy fajita rubbed shrimp  chipotle 1000, slaw 8 f

rare seared mole dusted tuna  mango habanero salsa, crema 8 f

butter poached lobster  smoked tomatoes, guac, house bacon 12 f

roasted wild mushroom redondo, pepitas, goat cheese, pico 8 c (v) (g)

mesquite smoked brisket point tex mex crema, house slaw 8 p

pollo loco chile fried annatto chicken, buttermilk bleu cheese 7 f

carnitas ancho braised pork, black beans, red pepper chile, queso fresco 7 c (g)

(v) – vegetarian   (g) - gluten-free   f – flour tortilla   c – corn tortilla   p – puffy flour tortilla


Tlayudas ...grilled southwest flatbreads

camarone diaz hot shrimp, grilled onions, mango chile bbq, queso fresco 16.5

shrooma looma roasted wild mushrooms, white bean suave, arugula, smoked gouda 16 (v)

huevos bravos cracked eggs, chorizo, green & red salsas, smoked bacon black beans, jack 15.5


Enchiladas ...two per order, served with mexican rice & black beans ... add another for 5 bucks (lobster 6 bucks)

ancho carnitas braised pork shoulder, chile rajas, cheddar jack, tex mex 16.5 c

lobster & rock shrimp spinach, corn, queso fresco, lobster chipotle & crème de limon 20 f

roasted eggplant goat cheese, garlicky spinach, smoked tomato ragu, pine nut praline 17 (v) (g) c

roasted pulled chicken cumin, tomatoes, choice of red mole, suiza, charred tomato guajillo sauce 16.5 c


BMF burritos ...served up with grits & slaw

pigfire carnitas, chorizo, dynamite fries, jack, mango bbq 17

naughty mermaid battered catfish, jicama slaw, refried pintos, jalapeno mustard 17

angry hippie spicy portobello, goat cheese, roasted eggplant, smoked tomato 17 (v)

southwest reuben smoked brisket point, house slaw, chipotle 1000, smoked gouda 17


Big Plates

northern quesadilla grilled chicken, chile rajas, pico, guac, monterey jack 17 f

mezcal chicken sweet tequila roasted half chicken, grilled asparagus, grits, red mole 18.5

roasted trout garlic & spinach stuffed, warm fresno chile shallot salad, jalapeno mustard 20


lopez fajitas ...choice of southwest spice or gringo mild

served with warm flour tortillas, black beans (or vegan red pinto refrieds) & proper sauces

skirt steak 20    house smoked brisket 18.5   chicken 17.5    veggie 16.5 (v)     shrimp 21     carnitas 17 combo 21


on the side 5 bucks

mesquite smoked bacon black beans (g)     vegan refried red pinto beans (v) (g)

mexican rice (v) (g)     ‘rice n beans’ (smoked bacon black or vegan pinto refried)

grilled asparagus, queso fresco, fresno (g)     chile lime fries with fresno sauce (v) (g)

smoked gouda jalapeno grits (v) (g)     house slaw (v) (g)     jicama slaw (v) (g)       red mole for dunking (v)

hot sauce flight 7 bucks ...a sampler of heat, all made in house...yow! *1-10 on the ouch! scale (v)

fresno *6 – fresnos, garlic, red vin (sriracha’s cooler older brother)    

green hornet *7.5 - jalapeno, scallion cilantro, garlic, cider vin

sweet & lowdown *7 – chipotles, garlic, agave nectar, cider vin    

booberry *9 – fresh blueberry, garlic, ghosts, agave nectar, cider vin

all lopez hot sauces are available by the 5 ounce bottle 7 bucks




lopez fajita dust 2.5 ounce jar 10   sweet lopez t-shirts 20   gift cards any denomination and refillable, like yer margarita glass


sweets & libations

baked mexican chocolate   9

baked to order, whipped cream,

brown sugar cookies & strawberry preserve


new world flan + citronge almond biscotti   8

cinnamon caramel custard, blueberries

& orange liqueur marcona almond cookies


lopez/mitchell’s chocolate habanero truffles 6.5

whipped cream, cookies, berries


margarita cream puffs 8.5

profiterloes, lime curd,

whipped cream, berry salsa, scotch bonnet agave nectar


fried ice cream & peanut praline   8

peanut crunchy coated vanilla ice cream

& caramel & chocolate sauce



dessert shots

7 buck big shot or 14 buck little shot flight

little beer

licor 43 & fresh cream

iced coffee

crème de cacao white, house espresso tequila

coffee + cream


7b cinnamon vodka, spice blend, lemon

agave + ginger beer

crazy currants

crème de cassis, captain morgan loco nut rum

silver tequila, chocolate liqueur & cream



all lopez hot sauces are available by the 5 ounce bottle 7

lopez fajita dust 2.5 ounce jar 10                  sweet lopez t-shirts 20

gift cards any denomination and refillable, like yer margarita glass


2196 lee road  cleveland heights, ohio 44118  216.932.9000   mailbox@lopezonlee.com

#lopezonlee on instagram & facebook & lopez_BMF on twitter

there is a 2 dollar charge for split plates   some menu items are not available to split at our discretion, we will add gratuity of 20% to parties of six or more, or non-tippers

ohio requires we advise  "consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase risk of food borne illness”

all cheeses used at lopez are pasteurized and we use no processed meats nor trans fats  please inform us of any food allergies or aversions              $10 minimum on all credit cards




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